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Pashminahimlaya caters wholesale requirements of Kashmiri handicrafts all over the globe. The wholesaling reduces the inefficiencies of exchange at a greater scale and also leads to the reduction in total cost of the distribution of the products. Thus, it will still be in the interest of our consumers. We know that not all can access our goods through internet so feeling the need we have set up a wholesale division.

May it be the handicraft emporiums or small handicraft shops We are proficient in supplying the high-quality goods to all. Through availing our wholesale goods, both small and big business houses can provide to their respective customers a vast variety of modish and artful Kashmiri handmade products. Thus, every person who is fond of Kashmiri handicrafts can have an access to it in his own city or state and cherish long historical legacy of Kashmiri crafts.

For Wholesale queries, please fill the details below to contact us by any of your preferred method. Our team will reply you within 24-48 hours.

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