About us

Pashminahimalaya ( Shawls by Syed Family ) is the culmination of a vision by a group of enthusiasts committed to reviving and promoting the rich heritage of Kashmir. Driven by the plight of local Kashmiri artisans, the founders embarked on a mission to enhance the lives of those artisans by creating a global marketplace for their exquisite crafts. The initiative started with the aim of bringing the world to the artisans' doorsteps and has evolved into a movement to present Kashmir to the world by establishing the brand.
"Pashminahimalaya'' ( Shawls by Syed Family).
Now in its fourth generation, Pashminahimalaya (Shawls by Syed Family) is a testament to the enduring commitment and passion for preserving and promoting the cultural legacy of Kashmir. This continuity underscores a deep-rooted legacy of craftsmanship passed down through generations, reflecting the organisation's long-standing tradition and dedication to the artisan community. Pashminahimalaya ( Shawls by Syed Family ) has become renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, which showcases the intricate beauty of Kashmiri artistry. With a focus on preserving traditional techniques while embracing modern design. We at Pashminahimalaya (Shawls By Syed Family) not only supports the livelihoods of artisans but also ensures that the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir continues to thrive and inspire future generations.
Pashminahimalaya (Shawls by Syed Family ) is the ultimate destination for those seeking genuine and exquisite Kashmiri craftsmanship. Understanding the needs of its customers, the organisation brings authentic Kashmiri products right to their doorsteps, maintaining a standard of quality and trust in every item. More than just a business, Pashminahimalaya ( Shawls by Syed Family) represents a community. It is a family comprising of local artisans, craftsmen, producers, and creatives from the diverse arts and crafts of Kashmir. Together, we work towards building and promoting the brand "Pashminahimalaya" (Shawls by Syed Family) with a shared goal of showcasing Kashmir and its rich traditions to the world. The mission is to elevate the local artisan to a position of economic independence and global recognition, valuing their diligent work and creativity. By reducing the dependency on intermediaries, We at Pashminahimalaya ( Shawls by Syed Family) aim to bring artisans and their masterpieces directly into the global limelight.
Pashminahimalaya ( Shawls by Syed Family) is deeply committed to creating social impact beyond its commercial activities. By investing in the artisan community, Pashminahimalaya not only helps improve their standards of living but also preserves and promotes the rich heritage of Kashmiri craftsmanship. We ensures that the skills and traditions passed down through generations are valued and sustained for years to come. This holistic approach demonstrates the unwavering dedication to supporting the artisans and preserving the cultural identity of Kashmir.